I don’t believe they have suddenly forgotten how to coach,Germain Ifedi Jersey but I do have this question: what person in their respective organizations can tell them “no?” O’Brien is clearly a passionate head coach full of bravado; is Smith telling him no? Who, other than McNair, can stand in opposition to the highly-compensated head coach? Watching the 2015 Texans,Eddie Lacy Jersey it’s striking how O’Brien’s vision for the team, and the actual product on the field, seem vastly divergent. Given the lack of investment at quarterback, an NFL team like this can only win through a running game and a strong defense. Houston’s main backup plan at left guard this season was Jeff Adams,Adrian Peterson Jersey which would be okay if Adams was actually a guard. He is not. I will grant that the Texans have been a bit unlucky up front with injuries to Duane Brown and Brandon Brooks, but the failure of an insurance policy at left guard has created uncertainty on a weekly basis. Furthermore, the team is going through a second consecutive reason of receiving essentially zero contributions from the tight end position.Odell Beckham Jr Jersey What is O’Brien’s evaluation of Garrett Graham, who he re-signed, and CJ Fiedorowicz, who his regime drafted? O’Brien talks repeatedly about trying to establish a tough, physical,Amari Cooper Jersey hard-nosed football team. How does he feel watching Arian Foster try to routinely elude two defenders immediately after receiving the football vs Miami in the first quarter? How does he feel watching his offensive line get punched in the face in short yardage situations? How does he think that is a formula to win, on a football team without a legitimate franchise quarterback? O’Brien also uses phrases like “smart,Richard Sherman Jersey” “hard-working,” “good teammate,” to refer to his players. Here is my fear: does Bill put enough emphasis on talent? Pure, raw,Arian Foster Jersey unadulterated talent. Pure, raw speed. O’Brien says he wants a fast football team, but the roster is conspicuously slow. Organizationally,Kyle Rudolph Jersey the problem with firing Smith is it would leave a strange opening at GM. As already established, O’Brien has the final say on the roster. If you’re an up-and-coming GM candidate in the NFL, are the Houston Texans an appealing destination? Do you want to work with a coach already somewhat on the hot seat,Derek Carrier Jersey who can over-rule you on final roster moves? CBS’s Jason La Canfora named two possible GM candidates on Sunday. One, Brian Gaine, works in the organization, while the other,Joe Flacco Jersey Jon Robinson, has worked with O’Brien before. To me, the Houston Texans are in a difficult place. Judging by history, I would be shocked if McNair wrote 3 year’s worth of checks to make O’Brien walk away. I believe the owner has to see this through and watch his hand-picked coach likely select a quarterback early in the 2016 NFL Draft. Was Bill O’Brien the right choice to coach the Texans? We don’t know right now, but based on his contract, he has to be.